23.01.09 – Putting Children First to be republished

Little, Brown Book Group, publishers of Putting Children First, have confirmed that the book is to be republished as a mass market paperback later this year. It is likely to be retitled to make it easier for parents to find when looking for help. A new jacket is also planned.

Karen Woodall, co-author of Putting Children first said, “We are delighted with the feedback we have had from parents. Family separation is such a difficult process and people often need a bit of support and advice to deal with it in a way that helps them survive whilst doing the very best for their children.”

25.09.07 – Camelot Chief welcomes handbook for separated parents

Camelot Group Chief Executive, Dianne Thompson CBE, described the new handbook for separated parents, Putting Children First, as “amazing” at its formal launch in London. dianne_thompson_addressing_pcf_launch.jpg

Dianne, who herself is a separated parent with a daughter of 23 said “everything I experienced was there in the book” and added, “I just wish it had been around when I was going through this”.

She described how she and her former husband had worked hard to ensure that their daughter had been able to spend good quality time with both her parents explaining that they both realised that it was important to ensure continuity.

She said that the book contained “lots of interesting cases studies” that would help parents to recognise that they were “not alone”.

Dianne also explained some of the forward thinking working practices that had been introduced at Camelot Group Plc that could help parents to adjust to family separation. She argued that it was beholden on employers to understand the pressures on separated parents.

Karen Woodall, co-author of Putting Children First and Director of the Centre for Separated Families, explained that the organisation wanted to see a “move towards a culture where there is an expectation that parents will co-operate after family separation and that support services will help them to do so.”

She added that, “our experience shows that when parents are helped to deal with their adult grief and distress, they are each enabled to do the best for their children. The evidence shows us that children who maintain strong and positive relationships with both of their parents do best after family separation.”

Nick Woodall, who wrote the book with Karen and works on Development at the Centre for Separated Families, said that Dianne Thompson was “a wonderful example of how it is possible to combine caring responsibilities with financial provision” and said that Putting Children First was just one of the ways to get services directly to parents themselves.

The launch event was held at the King’s Fund in Cavendish Square and was hosted by key Government advisor, Ed Straw.

27.08.07 – Guest Speaker Announced

The Centre for Separated Families is delighted to announce that Dianne Thompson CBE, Chief Executive of Camelot Group Plc, will be the guest speaker at the launch of Putting Children First.

The launch is due to be held at the King’s Fund, Cavendish Square, London W1 at 12 noon on Wednesday 12th September 2007.

[Please see the Centre for Separated Families website for further details.]

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