“Putting Children First: a handbook for separated parents by Karen and Nick Woodall (Piatkus Books, 2007) is, quite simply, the best book on separation that we have ever read. Both the authors work at the Centre for Separated Families and have a wealth of experience with this client group. In this clever book – and its associated ‘Parenting Plans’ booklet – they guide both mothers and fathers (they have a real understanding of the needs and experiences of both sexes) through the emotional and practical journey of separation and its aftermath. Their explicit aim is to help parents ‘put their children first’, but the authors know this cannot be achieved until both father and mother can manage and understand their own feelings. Sensitive, practical, beautifully written, we believe this book should be REQUIRED READING for all professionals working in this field; and should always be offered to separating and separated mothers and fathers.”

Fatherhood Institute


“The book is clearly set out and the chapters logically and thoroughly explore all the issues that might arise before reaching a conclusion with sound advice on each topic.”
Parenting Without Tears

“When the authors of a book have been through the scenario and actually run a centre for Separated Families, you know you can trust the content and benefit from the knowledge shared. With family separations being part of today’s society, it is important that the children’s lives are affected only in a positive way and this can be achieved. It does, however, take a lot of hard work and this is where the book becomes an invaluable tool in the whole process. There could be a tendency to preach but the book focuses on the positive aspects of working together and shows light at the end of what can seem a very long tunnel. If you are in this situation, it is great to read this book and know that a happy medium can be reached.”
From Bump to Grump

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